MLB: Yahoo boosts sports presence, streams live MLB games for free

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Yahoo may have a problem maintaining its grip on our digital attention as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft continue their relentless assault in the digital home front. Yahoo’s other business divisions are also finding trouble staying relevant in the market. The company’s core business platform, the search engine, is currently under siege from increased market competition.

Despite its online trouble, millions of sports fans still come to Yahoo! Sports for sports news. Yahoo Sports seems to be one part of the company that continues to thrive these days, attracting million of dollars in advertising eyeballs. Yahoo! Sports features the latest sports news, including commentary as well as a hugely popular fantasy sports league. And today, things are about to change for Yahoo! Sports, it’s now getting a big boost from Major League Baseball.

Yahoo is now streaming one Major league game every day for the rest of the 2016 season. The free live streaming started with San Francisco vs. Milwaukee contest on Monday. Yahoo free live streaming will continue right up until the postseason begins, that’s a total of 180 Major League games. Of course, the MLB streams will do some commercial breaks, but it’s still not a bad trade-off for all that free Major League coverage.

In addition to the MLB Free Game of the Day, Yahoo will also offer baseball fans a fantasy league, columns, and news via its Big League Stew blog. For the major league baseball fans, the MLB “Free Game of the Day” feature may be another huge Yahoo sports’ features.

This isn’t the first time Yahoo has streamed sports live in its bid to draw in sports fans to its website. The company has already streamed NHL games, PGA featured holes and the Internet’s first NFL game. Yahoo was also behind some of the major milestones in the live sports streaming. One big example is the company’s first live-streamed NFL game last year where more than 15 million people around the world viewed the live-streamed NFL games. That stream was delivered to over 33 million devices.

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