Prince Fielder back in Rangers lineup

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Prince Fielder
Prince Fielder, then with the Detroit Tigers (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Keith Allison)

Prince Fielder is back in the Texas Rangers lineup after not seeing action for two games. Fielder has recently been struggling with his batting which has made the Rangers decide to give him some time out.

Fielder will see action against the Houston Astros. In the coming game he will be sixth in the batting lineup, ESPN reports. His struggles with the bat continue as this has been the lowest he has gone in the batting lineup with the Rangers. It has also been noted by Sports Day that this has been the lowest that he has been in the battling roster in a decade.

Fielder has been the Rangers’ designated hitter although in the last three days the role has alternated between Jurickson Profar and Roughned Odor, CBS Sports notes. On the defensive side, he plays first base. His recent batting issues have made his average down to .187 this season although he has hit three home runs and has 28 RBIs so far.

His batting average this season has been 100 points lower than his average of .283. Another Rangers player who has been given the day off is Mitch Moreland. He has also been struggling with the bat though has done better than Fielder, with an average of .206 this season with six of them being homers. Moreland also has 22 RBIs in 51 games.

Many hope that Fielder will recover from the batting drought he is in now. Occasionally players will have a slump but would recover from it. Fielder has been with MLB since 2005, starting off with the Milwaukee Brewers before moving on to the Detroit Tigers in 2012. He has been with the Rangers for three seasons now, starting in 2014.

With much experience, people hope that he would have his game back as the Rangers open up the series with the Astros this Monday.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/Keith Allison

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