San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus show disappointment with San Diego Padres on National Anthem performance mistake

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San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus

A major turnaround has happened on The San Diego Padres’ game against the Dodgers last Saturday- not in the actual game, but on the supposed to be performance of the San Diego Gay Men’s chorus of the National Anthem.

The  chorus was invited by San Diego Padres to perform, but as the chorus stand poised and ready to sing, a recorded voice of a woman singing the national anthem was blasted off the speakers.

Left with no choice, the chorus was then escorted out of the pitch with disappointment and confusion running in their minds.

As they left the field, choir members claimed that they were thrown with insults and mockery from some of the audience. Executive director of the chorus said that there was a fan who shouted at them saying “That’s the best you’ve ever sounded.”

The San Diego Padres issued a statement through their twitter account, apologizing to everyone that has been offended during the incident and made sure that they have reached out to the chorus.

The chorus, however, appeared to be unsatisfied on their response to the Padres’ statement, saying the Padres have not recognized the gravity of the situation well.

The Padres have responded by saying that they have already cut ties with contractor who was responsible for the error and the employee who was in charge of the production.

Photo courtesy: Twitter/ CBS News

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