Ichiro Suzuki makes 4,257 hits and passes Pete Rose’s record

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Ichiro Suzuki
Ichiro Suzuki (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/flickr/David/UCInternational)

Ichiro Suzuki has made MLB history with 4,257 hits. With that many hits he has already passed Pete Rose’s record in the league. The record though does include hits he has made with the Japanese league.

At the game against the San Diego Padres Suzuki has made his 4,257th hit. In the game he has made two hits to go past the record Rose has made, ESPN reports. The 4,257th hit came in the inning on a double off Padres reliever Fernando Rodney.

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His total number of hits combine the number he has made in MLB together with the record he made while in Japan, according to Fox Sports. In Japan, he made 1,278 hits. In the MLB, he has so far made 2,979 hits. With the season still ongoing, he will have more hits coming which would then solidify his hold on the record.

Rose though isn’t about to let his record be surpassed that easily. He pointed out that his hits all came from playing in the league. He also said that Suzuki won’t likely take his record down anytime soon. This led to a debate among fans on how to actually look at Suzuki’s record.

“I’m not taking anything from away from Ichiro,” Rose pointed out to USA Today. “But the next thing you know, they’ll be counting his high school hits.”

Rose did acknowledge that Suzuki has a Hall of Fame worthy career. His contention though is whether the record should count his time with the Nippon Professional Baseball Organization.

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Fans in Japan have been talking about Ichiro’s record. However, some have observed that it doesn’t seem to be the case in the United States.

“I cannot believe it’s not a bigger deal in Major League Baseball,” remarked Mark Grace, the Arizona Diamondbacks’ assistant hitting coach. He further states that the record stands as Suzuki has done it at a professional level, which is a big achievement. Miami Marlins manager Don Mattingly agrees with the assessment.

“The hits over there are hits against good quality pitching,” Mattingly said about Suzuki’s time in Japan.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/David/UCInternational

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