Texas Rangers Josh Hamilton undergoes third knee surgery

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Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton went through an extensive surgery on his knee last Wednesday that will make him miss the rest of the season.

Hamilton had his left knee surgery to have his lateral and meniscus cartilage repaired, but Dr. Walter Lowe who performed the surgery found out that  Hamilton’s ligament has also been damaged, and that his knee needs full reconstruction.

Hamilton will be needing a rehabilitation with a span of 6 months, and will be starting in the next few days.This is the third time since September that Hamilton had a knee surgery, with  a “cleanup” surgery on the first and a stem cell injection in the second.

After Hamilton’s first surgery, he said that he had felt “scary good” and that “It’s the best it’s felt in five years.”

However, the outfielder had a setback during his rehab assignment and was put on the 60 days disabled list.

Last May, when the announcement of Hamilton’s June 8 surgery was made, Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said that Hamilton is  “100 percent” determined  to come back next season.

Hamilton played for the Rangers from 2008-2012 before leaving as a free agent. He was signed by the  Los Angeles Angels with a 5-year, $125 million contract. He returned to the Rangers last year, where he was only able to play 50 games,  and is due on the team until 2017.

During his stay with the Los Angeles Angels, Hamilton admitted to the Major League Baseball that he has relapsed to cocaine, but did not get suspended because he did not violate his treatment program.

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