Tim Tebow: Superhero off-field, struggling baseball player on-field

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Tim Tebow performs miracle with fan
Tim Tebow performs miracle with fan

After the miraculous leap of Tim Tebow from the NFL to MLB, the Heisman winner is now performing other miracles on-field, albeit with fans rather than the actual game.

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Coming from his debut game in the Arizona Fall League, Tebow took the time to mingle with fans and sign autographs. In the middle of his session though, a fan began to suffer a seizure in the stands, grabbing the attention from the Mets outfielder.

But also grabbing the attention of Tebow.

The baseball player then proceeded to make his way the stands, put his hands on the unnamed fan and said a prayer over him, before the man began to breathe. He even went on to talk and stay with the man until paramedics arrived. There has been no update about the man’s current condition, as of posting.

Tim Tebow miracle man?

Personal accounts and photos of the incident were also shared online, proving Tim Tebow’s “miracle” with the Mets fan.

Though this wasn’t the first time Tim Tebow used his power of prayer to help another person in need.

Some would recall that he came to the aid of a fellow passenger on his flight from Atlanta to Phoenix last June. According to another passenger’s account, an “older gentleman began having what appeared to be heart problems, and he went unconscious.” Several attempts to revive the man were unsuccessful and the family had begun to pray. This is where Tebow stepped in, prayed with the family, and saw the man gain a pulse as the plane landed safely.

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Another passenger, Lina Washington, also shared other details of Tebow’s kind gesture.

Tim Tebow struggles in debut

Hopefully, though, the “magic” Tim Tebow has shown off the field, can also translate into the field, with his debut hinting of tough times ahead for the former NFL star. With three ground outs, and one bizarre play at that, Tebow may need a prayer to make his dreams of playing in the big league come true.

And it doesn’t seem like Tebow will be walking through walls anytime soon, either.

Nonetheless, we’re pretty sure that the fan was pretty happy that Tim Tebow miracle man was there to save the day.

Photo Courtesy: Jeffrey Beall/ Flickr

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