2016 MLB All-Star Game: Tony Gwynn’s death motivated him to quit chewing tobacco, says Chris Sale

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Tony Gwynn death motivated Chris Sale to quit chewing tobacco. The MLB star himself revealed this information in an interview.

Tony Gwynn’s game not only inspired left-handed Sale, but his death also left major impact on the Chicago White Sox pitcher. Gwynn died of salivary gland cancer in 2014 caused by a long-time tobacco chewing habit.

Sale himself explained his feelings after Gwynn’s tragic death ahead of the MLB All-Star game.

“He actually made a very big impact on my life. I chewed tobacco from 2007 until the day he passed away.” Sale said, as reported by Krik Kenney of San Diego Tribune. “I remember seeing that and just being so shocked. He was a larger than life person. He was an inspiration to the game for many, many people for a lot of different reasons.

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I quit that day and haven’t touched it since. In a sense I owe him a huge, “Thank you,” not only for myself but for my family. Hopefully, I can sway somebody in the right direction as well like he did for me.”

Sale decided to give up his seven-year behavioral habit of chewing tobacco, the moment he came to know about Gwynn’s death. The White Sox ace said he was watching the ESPN on the morning of June 16, when the death news of his idol appeared in crawl across the bottom of the screen. Instantly he threw the tobacco out of his mouth in the can, explained the All-Star pitcher.

Sale and Johnny Cueto, the San Fransisco Giants’ righter hand pitcher have been announced as starters for the Tuesday’s All-Star game.

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After the press conference, Sale expanded on Gwynn’s influence on him with his six year old son Rylan sitting on his lap. Well, he thinks that the Hall-of-Famer has saved his life.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/ Wikimedia Commons

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