MLB brawl update: Ventura, Machado suspended; both appeal suspensions

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Yordano Ventura
Yordano Ventura (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Dealphungo)

Yordano Ventura and Manny Machado have been involved in a brawl earlier this week in the game between the Orioles and Royals. In the fifth inning of their game last Tuesday, Ventura and Machado had a fight that saw both teams clear their dugouts to break them up. Both men were ejected from the game. Now Ventura and Machado face suspensions from the league.

Both Ventura and Machado have been handed down suspensions by the MLBESPN says in its report. Ventura has received a nine-game suspension while Machado will have a four-game suspension. Both have also been fined by the league though the amount has not been disclosed. USA Today, however, reports that Machado has been given a $2,500 fine. Ventura’s fine has not been stated.

While both have their suspensions handed out to them, both are also appealing the league ruling. Machado and Ventura can still play for their teams while the league hears out their appeals. Machado is third in the Orioles batting lineup against the Blue Jays this Thursday.

Orioles manager Buck Showalter said that he would be short on his lineup if Machado would not play. Machado told reporters in Toronto that he is appealing the suspension and will take it from there. For Ventura, it would be the second straight season that he has received a suspension.

The Royals are said to also be considering trading Ventura, Sports Illustrated says. After having been involved in similar incidents in the past, the team has thought it better to part ways with the pitcher, despite his talent. With his involvement with similar incidents last season though as well as the recent one with Machado, keeping him always in check might be already too much for the team.

The Orioles support Machado after the incident happened. Adam Jones said that he has handled the incident well and figured that something might be wrong with Ventura for going after him like that. The incident last Tuesday started after Ventura threw the ball which hit Machado in the back. Before the fifth inning manager, Showalter warned Machado about Ventura.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/Dealphungo

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