UFC Rumors: Conor McGregor to fight at UFC 205; Georges St-Pierre among possible opponents

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Conor McGregor UFC 205
Conor McGregor UFC 205

In probably what has been one of the most confusing lead ups to any UFC event in recent history, UFC 205 cannot seem to pinpoint a main card to headline the fight promotion company’s debut in New York. Various rumors had pointed to a return to the Octagon by Ronda Rousey (that’s not pushing through) or by Georges St-Pierre (not likely). Other rumors also pointed to a Conor McGregor match against anyone lucky enough to be lined up against the fighter as this would guarantee big money.

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One of the bigger names initially poised to face the featherweight champion was UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez, who has also been taunting McGregor through Twitter.

Although UFC president Dana White seems to have other plans for both McGregor and Alvarez, after he responded to a fan’s query about a UFC 205 main event for the two champs.

So, as we said, the past few days have really been confusing for a lot of UFC fans. But at this point, all eyes are on McGregor, who is also supposedly recovering from a foot injury (according to White), but is apparently already back in the gym, training (according to McGregor).

“Sources say McGregor is healthy and already training,” shared MMA Mania. “The only fight that interests the featherweight champion at this time, though, is a fight against (Eddie) Alvarez for the 155-pound title.”

So given that McGregor is (probably) back in training, and that he openly wants a shot at Alvarez, what could be the possible scenarios MMA fans can expect?

Conor McGregor ends up with Jose Aldo

And only because Dana White says so. Otherwise McGregor would not have any of this.

“Conor has to defend his title or make a decision to give it up… If I were Conor, I’d defend my title,” said the UFC president.

While McGregor shared, “I don’t think they’re gonna strip me of the belt. They want to give my belt to the guy I knocked out in 13 seconds and bury that division in the prelims?”

The Notorious fights… Georges St-Pierre?

Though very unlikely, a bout between the two could break UFC pay-per-view records by miles, and the setting would simply be perfect for GSP’s return and for McGregor’s show. But a stand-off between the UFC and GSP may make this dream fight stay that way.

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Conor McGregor get what he wants

And he fights Eddie Alvarez. Because he is Conor McGregor. And the UFC has just been pulling our legs, arms and necks all along. Anyway, according to Alvarez, news about his missing the sign off for UFC 205 was a lie.

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