UFC News: Conor McGregor to Eddie Alvarez-‘I’m gonna KO you inside one round’; Notorious steals show at NY press conference

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Team Conor McGregor is very interested in a Mayweather fight
Team Conor McGregor is very interested in a Mayweather fight

A few days ago, Conor McGregor had a broken foot.

Last night, he was in New York, in his usual suit and tie, taunting his UFC 205 opponent, Eddie Alvarez. And the MMA world could not be any more excited, as the Notorious tries to make history in what already is… a historical fight, by becoming the first UFC fighter to be a champion in two divisions at the same time.

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“I’m gonna wrap one [belt] on one shoulder and the other on the other shoulder,” McGregor announced. “And you’re gonna need a f—ing army to come take them belts off me.”

Yes, McGregor was gloating. But he was gloating because he could bring in the crowd. He was gloating because he is worth “4.2 billion dollars” to the UFC. He was gloating because he really has a chance at beating Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight belt.

Conor McGregor: ‘I run New York’

And New York ate it all up. All the f**cks, all the sh**s and all the fist pumps. Dana White was helpless while McGregor riled up his crowd, on his stage and in front of his opponent. According to him, it was his city, anyway.

“I run New York,” exclaimed the featherweight champ. “I run this whole ship. Mystic Mac predicts, ‘I’m gonna KO you inside one round.”

McGregor’s jabs at Alvarez did not stop there. Even the lightweight champ’s convincing win over dos Anjos was dissed by the Irishman.

“He got blessed with a lucky shot,” McGregor said. “His UFC career has been horrendous. That’s why he took this fight for the money he got for the last fight. That says it all. He’s broke and he’s desperate.”

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While UFC 205 approaches, Conor McGregor is already prepping his army for war.

“The Irish, we built this town,” Notorious announced. “Now we’re coming back to claim what’s ours.”

On November 12, we’ll see if they really will.

Photo Courtesy: Andrius Petrucenia/ Wikimedia

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