UFC News: Jose Aldo wants out, Dana White refuses; Interim champ taking case to court

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Jose Aldo wants out from UFC
Jose Aldo wants out from UFC

Not everyone is happy with the Conor McGregor-Eddie Alvarez headliner at UFC 205 and one of them is Jose Aldo. But maybe, for good reason.

Aldo, who is currently sitting as the interim featherweight champion, has been waiting for a rematch with Conor McGregor, ever since he was KO’d by the Notorious at UFC 194. Since then, McGregor has moved on to heavier pastures moving up to the lightweight division, with the hopes of becoming just the third UFC fighter to have held two belts from different divisions, and the first one to do it simultaneously.

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Almost a year after his stunning loss to McGregor, though, there has not been much talk about a rematch. Early speculation pointed to a possible bout between the featherweights at UFC 205, but this has simply been knocked down into submission, with the McGregor-Alvarez announcement.

Although Aldo is not taking the news sprawled on the matt. In fact, he’s up on his feet jabbing and taunting at the UFC for what to him has been a disappointing chain of events.

“I’m not here to be an employee of McGregor, I ask[ed] to cancel my contract with the UFC. When they offered me a fight with Frankie Edgar, Dana said that the winner would challenge McGregor or win the linear title, that he would lose his belt if he didn’t return to the featherweight division after his rematch with Nate Diaz,” vented the frustrated Aldo during an interview with Brazilian website Combate. “After being fooled so many times, I don’t feel motivated to fight in the UFC anymore.”

White immediately responded to Aldo’s tirade emphasizing that the UFC “won’t cancel his contract,” and that they “respect Jose Aldo very much” and “care for the people around him.”

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Jose Aldo to take case to court?

But Aldo seems to be bent on leaving the UFC, with his manager Andre Pederneiras stating that Jose Aldo and his camp have already begun talking to a lawyer to review his contract.

“I think Dana and the new owners have to understand that there’s a completely unsatisfied employee who doesn’t want to continue,” Pederneiras shared with Combate. “If that was in Brazil and a guy said ‘boss, I want to leave,’ I’d say ‘Ok, I can’t hold you.’ The contract we have with the UFC, ‘boss, I want to leave,’ the answer is ‘no, you’ll be stuck with me, you might not do anything, but you can’t leave here.’ Is that something nice?”

The UFC? Nice? This is a contact sport, Mr. Pederneiras.

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