UFC 196: Nate Diaz plans to out box Conor McGregor

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As UFC 196 arrives in a few days, Nate Diaz’ coach Richard Perez is confident that his fighter can withstand and go head-to-head with Conor McGregor’s boxing skills.

“McGregor is a good striker,” Perez told

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he’s not, but Nathan’s better. I mean, when Nathan’s on his gameplan he’ll make him look silly.”

Known as a huge striker, McGregor shocked the world once he defeated Jose Aldo with one punch. Yet, with all the hype on ‘the Nortorious’ hands, Perez believes that it in not much of a concern for Diaz in preparation for his fight.

“Well the thing is, [in] the striking department, Nate is a lot better when he’s in good shape and not injured or anything,” said Perez. “So when it comes to the night of the fight, McGregor’s going to be shocked.”

“I just get focused and he gets focused and we just start training. I mean, he’s been training anyway. So even though it’s a ten-day notice, or two weeks or whatever it is, he’s been training. So we just pick it up a little higher in the notch.”

On the other side of the fence, McGregor thinks that Diaz is too slow and predictable for him.

“He comes forward but his understanding of ring generalship and ring control is really very amateurish,” McGregor said. “It’s novice where I come from. So he will understand the difference between the amateur and world champion.”

Other than than, Perez accused McGregor recently that he is under steroids since his move from 155 to 170 is too fast. Perez senses that something is cooking. Even so, Perez is still confident that Diaz will overcome all odds.

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