Anastasia Yankova MMA beaut is more than skin deep; Bellator MMA new glamour girl

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Anastasia Yankova MMA
Photo courtesy: Anastasia Yankova/Facebook, Anastasia Yankova MMA

For some reason women’s MMA is doing so much better than their boxing counterparts. And although some fans say they look really well in the octagon than in the squared circle, and that they look so sexy with their outfits, it’s more likely due to the way they self-promote. Case in point: Anastasia Yankova

Anastasia Yankova MMA career may still be at its infancy, but her overall profile has outgrown it by a multitude of levels. She recently won her fourth career fight at Bellator 161 by beating American fighter Veta Artega, yet her popularity has been soaring higher than most of her counterparts.

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She juggles as a part-time model, and at that, she has to manage her events and TV appearances, as well as other extracurricular activities pertaining to the red carpet and entertainment industry.

Her social media profile has skyrocketed, and she’s become an overnight celebrity following her fights in Bellator MMA, as reported by the WWOS, describing her as Bellator’s version of UFC glamour girl.

Anastasia Yankova Instagram has now hundreds of thousands of followers, but she says, “It’s not that I’m trying to legitimize myself in anybody’s eyes, because I know what I am and I know what I can do.”

Her flyweight fight against Veta Artega turned out to be the toughest challenge in her young career, and for that she’s grateful for the win. She’s also glad that she’s growing a record based on her actual fight performance rather than being merely known for her sensuous beauty.

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In a report by the Daily Mail Anastasia Yankova MMA beaut showed off her battle scars. Her face was badly bruised, and she sported a black eye, and her nose and ears appeared swollen.

Her injuries drew many reactions from her followers, and one reader commented she was “tough as nails” while primzero wrote, “even with all those punches in her face she’s still beautiful.”

Ironically, she remains beautiful despite the injuries, as she gleams with self-confidence. She may be hurt, but she gives off the impression as someone who can really take care of herself against all kinds of challenges.

With 4 fights to her belt, she’s becoming Bellator MMA’s hottest stars with feistiness and power behind her stunning form you wouldn’t be surprised to see jaws drop whenever she climbs up to fight.

Anastasia Yankova MMA beaut is a tough competitor inside the octagon, and outside of it she can show you that beauty is more than skin deep.

Photo courtesy: Anastasia Yankova/Facebook

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