Anthony Johnson denies accepting fight against Jon Jones

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Earlier this month it was reported that Anthony Johnson had accepted the fight against Jon Jones at UFC 197. Anthony Johnson’s public relations representative, Denise White announced that Johnson has accepted the fight after Daniel Cormier withdrew from it.

And now Anthony Johnson comes clean on whether he accepted the fight against Jon Jones or not. Johnson took Instagram to clear his side of the story and tell the truth.

“Okay, everybody’s hitting me up now, all of my friends, saying that Jon is throwing me under the bus or whatever,” Johnson said. “I never accepted the fight with Jon. The UFC hit me up and asked me about it, but they didn’t know anything about that I had dental work done. I had four screws put in my jaw, okay? So why would I accept a fight and then say, ‘No, I don’t want to fight him?’ That’s stupid. I have more sense than that. So, either the UFC is telling this man the wrong thing, or somebody’s not telling the truth somewhere in between. Because I got told something different and now I’m hearing Jon is being told this. So, I don’t know, but it is what it is.”

Johnson’s statements come after Jon Jones told The MMA Hour that Johnson had accepted the fight, but later declined it.

In his series of Instagram posts, Anthony Johnson also defended teammate Kamaru saying that he didn’t know about his dental problem.

“And I know my teammate Kamaru said I was ready, but he didn’t know I had, you know, dental work done,” Johnson said. “He didn’t know I had four screws put in my jaw at the time he did that interview because he hadn’t seen me, but like maybe twice in the gym, so he was just showing love and support whenever he said I would be ready. He’s not supposed to say my teammate hasn’t been in the gym, he hasn’t been doing anything. No teammate would say that to another teammate if you respect that person. I hope nobody gets it twisted and like I said, it is what it is.”

“And I’m only doing these videos because I owe it to the fans, I owe it to everybody, so they can know besides reading and hearing sh*t from other people. You’re hearing it from me. I never said ‘okay’ to the fight. I never said, ‘Yeah.’ So, I just want to let you guys know what the deal was and hopefully we get to the bottom of it because something’s not right. Him being told that I accepted the fight and I never said it. Like I said, I heard something totally different as far as coming from his camp. I heard other things. Like I said, it is what it is and I hope everybody has a good day.”

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