Georges St-Pierre gets out of retirement calls out Conor McGregor for UFC 200

Georges St-Pierre coming out of retirement and calls out Conor McGregor.

Georges St-Pierre has broken his long hibernation and has called out Conor McGregor to face him at UFC 200.

Since his retirement in 2013, St-Pierre stated that he never thought that someone as cunning as McGregor would be able to make him get out of retirement and get it on once again inside the Octagon. St-Pierre watched McGregor get the beating of his life when he lost to Nate Diaz in UFC 196 and since McGregor is much more “saleable” than Diaz, the Canadian champ sees him as the great opportunity for his comeback.

“I have utmost respect for McGregor and that is why I would want to have this fight with him. Nate has been talking trash about me and when I’m finished with McGregor, he will be next. Nate is all just talk, wait till I take him down and make a fool out of him. I have always wanted to get back into action and that is why during my retirement I have kept on training and tried to get into perfect shape for this moment in life,” St-Pierre said.

In his Twitter account, St-Pierre hinted in his post of getting the match with McGregor would raise the stake high rather than fighting Diaz.

“The scariest thing is setting your goals too low and meeting them,” St-Pierre stated.

He also posted another one showing his training session with Firas Zahabi at Tristar gym, where St-Pierre broke the news of his comeback. It was not clear if St-Pierre has already given the terms set by the UFC, but according to him, the UFC has been trying to reach him since his retirement and that one day he just decided to give it a try.

UFC President Dana White was pleased upon hearing the announcement of St-Pierre’s comeback, but he is not sure if St-Pierre still has that “urge” to fight and the hunger to enter the Octagon once again. He told MMA Fighting that St-Pierre lost that “urge” and he is done with fighting.

“He lost the urge to fight and it happens. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s nothing negative. It wasn’t because of anything that happened with me or with Lorenzo [Fertitta] or anything with the sport. He lost the urge to fight, period. End of story,” White said.

But St-Pierre denies White’s comment and stated that there are different ways to fuel that hunger inside of him. Given the chance this time to fight McGregor, St-Pierre vows to show that hunger comes UFC 200.

Aside from McGregor, St-Pierre wants also to teach a lesson in the person of Nate Diaz and would want to have a scheduled fight as well with Anderson Silva.

And by the way, Happy April Fool’s Day.

Photo Courtesy: Ryan Mallard/Flickr

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