BJ Penn eyes UFC featherweight title

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BJ Penn is likely to make a comeback.

Yes, that’s right.

UFC Hall of fame inductee BJ Penn is ready to make his comeback. The 37-year-old has now set his eyes at the UFC featherweight title.

“We want to get the 145-pound belt,” Penn told Inside MMA recently.

He retired from fighting after losing to Frankie Edgar for a third time in July 2014, but this time, BJ Penn is more determined than ever to make a heroic comeback. He has even contacted legendary MMA trainer Greg Jackson to guide him. The itch to fight again has got into ‘The Prodigy’ so much that he has also shifted his base from Hawaii to Albuquerque, N.M.

Penn is one of the two fighters to fight in two UFC divisions. He fought at 155-pound and 170-pound weight classes. Randy Couture fought in heavyweight and light heavyweight divisions.

Penn however, thinks that he won’t be able to fight at welterweight division. According to him, it’s a different time in MMA at present.

“We already know nobody is going to do the 155 – 170. Somebody might go the 125, 135, 145, but nobody is going to go 70. I don’t think so,” he said.

Penn last won in 2010 at UFC 123. Since then he has had a draw and three consecutive losses.

However, Penn is ready to win a belt. He wants to fight and show the world that he is a good fighter.

“If I don’t think I can get the belt, there’s no reason for me to be here right now,” he said. “I’m ready. I want to fight, and I want to show everybody how good I can do.”

Penn is confident of beating even UFC featherweight current champion, Conor McGregor.

“I would fight Conor McGregor any day of the week. With Greg Jackson behind me, I’ll fight anybody any day of the week,” Penn said.

Penn next fights at UFC 199 on June 4 against Dennis Silver.

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