Chris Weidman jokes about UFC 200 Dan Henderson vs Michael Bisping rematch

Chris Weidman jokes about Dan Henderson vs Michael Bisping UFC 200 rematch
Dana White confirmed UFC 200 Dan Henderson vs Michael Bisping rematch. Chris Weidman reacted and joked about getting his belt back on Twitter.

UFC 200 Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping rematch is confirmed to happen, UFC president Dana White announced earlier.  Chris Weidman recently joked about getting his belt back from whoever wins in the rematch.

Dana White initially affirmed the upcoming Dan Henderson and Michael Bisping rematch. However, he didn’t give details when and where this event will likely happen. But this is not the exciting point yet.

Recently, Chris Weidman reacted and joked to Dana White’s surprising announcement on having the Hendo-Bisping rematch. In fact, his reaction became the most talked, Bloody Elbow reported. “End of the day I feel I’m best in world and will get my belt back by beating whoever it takes but this is a joke of a system,” he said.

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The former UFC Middleweight champion lost his belt when Luke Rockhold defeated him and ended his reign in UFC 194.

In the meantime, Dana White didn’t say any details about the middleweight division rematch event but he hinted it might possible to have it in Bisping’s hometown in Manchester, England. However, this remained uncertain.

“We’re going to do Dan Henderson vs Michael Bisping. It’s a fight that the champ wants. It’s a fight that the fans want. We’re thinking about doing it in Manchester, England. But that’s not signed yet,” White cited.

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After White’s confirmation, Michael Bisping immediately assured his Manchester fans that they won’t regret watching the rematch. “I promise revenge on Henderson in behalf of the people in England, don’t you worry,” he noted.

Watch Dana White’s appearance on FS 1 confirming Dan Henderson and Michael Bisping rematch!

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