CM Punk not giving up on UFC dream

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Photo Courtesy :Mortalkombat100/ProfesiionalWrestling Wikia,com

Many WWE stars have tried but some have failed in their transition from wrestling to mixed martial arts.

Brock Lesnar became a UFC heavyweight champion. Bobby Lashley tried but failed. Batista once stepped in the Octagon. Former WWE champion CM Punk will be next in line to try his luck in the UFC.

But while everyone is still waiting for his UFC debut, his attempted switch to mixed martial arts have some people raising their eyebrows. In an article published in Ecumenical News, a lot of people doubt whether Punk can compete in such level. While everyone knows that the WWE is “fake,” the UFC involves real fighting which places Punk in an entirely new world.

Already 37 years old, there are many doubters of CM Punk. They are not convinced that the former WWE champion has got what it takes to thrive in the MMA. They doubt that he can withstand the punishment that UFC fighters take inside the Octagon.

CM Punk was set to make his debut in UFC 199 against Mickey Gall. However, his injury postponed his much awaited debut. His option to undergo back surgery all the more delayed what every MMA fan is waiting for. And while he recovers from surgery, his first opponent has just hacked out a submission win against Mike Jackson.

In a recent interview, CM Punk could say nothing but good words to his upcoming opponent. “To me, Mickey Gall is a means to an end. He’s humble, respectful, and smart.” Punk was at cageside watching the fight. After the bout, he can to the cage and shook the hand of Gall.

When asked how many times he’ll fight in UFC, Punk said that he will first see how the first fight goes. On his doubters, this is what CM Punk has to say:

“I expect people to be disappointed and think that I’m gonna get knocked out in 10 seconds. I expect people to bet against me and lose their money.”

The latest word on CM Punk is that he has been training with UFC Hall of Famer Forrest Griffin and has been sending out feelers that he is ramping up his preparations for his UFC debut.

Photo Courtesy: Mortalkombat100/ProfessionalWrestling

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