CM Punk’s progress has been slow, UFC journey traced in documentary

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CM Punk’s progress has been slow

In December 2014, at UFC 181, Phil Brooks, more commonly known as CM Punk, made the announcement that he has signed with the UFC, leaving behind his WWE career. More than a year later, Brooks has not yet seen action in the Octagon, having to battle a back and shoulder injury and to focus on preparing for his UFC debut. After realizing that he had lacked the experience and knowledge in MMA, Brooks decided to train and train and train some more, to ensure that his first fight would be a success. UFC documented his WWE-UFC journey, and released training videos show CM Punk’s progress has been slow.

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The documentary, aptly titled the Evolution of Punk, will be a four-part series tracing his evolution from a WWE star to a novice MMA fighter. It will follow his life in smack front and behind the camera giving fans a telescopic view into the personal and professional life of the athlete.

A trailer for the Evolution of Punk was recently released, which also showed clips of Brooks in the gym. Though obviously hard at work, says that from the looks of things, CM Punk still needs a lot of work.

“The video shows him in training on a few occasions, flailing clumsily with schoolyard physicality or operating in the clinch the way one of his beloved Chicago Blackhawks might during a hockey fight. There is a decided lack of coordination in the movements, an unevenness in the balance and transfer of force that anyone who has ever dabbled in combat sports can identify immediately in a beginner.” wrote columnist Matthew Ryder in his article on the Evolution of Punk.

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Despite this, Brooks has already raked in mountains of support from family, fans and even other MMA fighters. Michael Bisping, for one, expressed his support for the debuting MMA fighter.

Though the (short) clips suggest that CM Punk’s progress has been slow, it is not definite evidence on the capability of the talented athlete who has been known to make his fellow go to sleep (GTS). Hopefully, the now MMA fighter will do the same in the UFC.

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