Conor McGregor has affected Miesha Tate’s performance? Check details

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Everyone seems to have an opinion on Conor McGregor these days. And the latest to express her opinion is current woman’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate.

Conor McGregor’s refusal to show up at the promotions has not only affected UFC but Miesha Tate too as she had to adjust her schedule due to McGregor’s absence.

“We’re three months out from the fight you know. It’s not unreasonable to ask to come in here for a day and give some promotion. This does huge things for the fight,” she told ESPN.

“They filmed the commercial the other day and we actually ended up having to pick up the pieces of Conor not being there. We had to film more. I had to actually come back and push my training schedule to the side and scoot my stuff around to be able to accommodate the fact that Conor wasn’t there and fill up those voids.”

Tate feels that Conor McGregor should have promoted the fight instead.

“I understand that he has an obsession with beating Nate right now and he wants to stay focused and stay the course at all costs. I get it. But at the end of the day it says in your contract when you sign that you have to do reasonable promotion. This is reasonable promotion,” Tate added.

“I have never had the UFC ask me to do unreasonable promotion. And they’re very accommodating. Whether it’s a car service to take you to where you need to train while you’re travelling. Whatever they can do to make your life easier, bringing breakfast to you, bringing lunch to you, whatever you need they’re really accommodating. They try to make this as easy [as possible].”

“It is what it is but I think that Conor should be here definitely,” Tate also said, to side with the UFC.

Miesha Tate will make her first title defense against Amanda Nunes at UFC 200 on July 9.

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