Conor McGregor MMA news, trash talks Eddie Alvarez like Floyd Mayweather, mental toughness like Mike Tyson

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Conor McGregor MMA, MMA news
Conor McGregor MMA, MMA news, Eddie Alvarez, UFC 205, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather

Perhaps the best advice people close to you can give is to be yourself. But Conor McGregor is known for his trash talking and fashionable lifestyle comparable to Floyd Mayweather, and it’s apparently doing him well too.

He likes to beat his opponents even before they climb the ring, in their head where it counts most, like Floyd Mayweather, as Muhammad Ali did. It’s given him more attention and he like it, and he basks comfortably in the spotlight.

Conor McGregor MMA fans and Floyd Mayweather boxing followers are intrigued by how the two trash talkers would psych each other out if they ever fought, but that still remains to be seen.

Will Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather ever materialize?

Meanwhile, MMA news focuses on Conor McGregor MMA match with Eddie Alvarez in UFC 205.

Will his antics work against an equally confident Eddie Alvarez, and get under his skin? Despite Conor McGregor ‘s psychological warfare, Eddie Alvarez seems to dismiss this strategy effectively by focusing on himself and training as hard as he can.

“He’s just so excited right now. Ever since he beat Anthony Pettis, he’s so jacked up and excited to come to training,” Alvarez’ long-time coach Mark Henry said in a report by the Daily Star.

“It’s like having a white belt come in every day, just excited with their eyes wide open.”

In spite of Eddie Alvarez disparaging his opponent’s chances, Conor McGregor MMA news puts him as a heavy favorite to win at UFC 205.

As if his Floyd Mayweather antics is not enough, he goes full Mike Tyson in the latest UFC 205 promo by MMA news.

Here, the promo focuses on Conor McGregor ‘s mental toughness and likens this trait to the legendary boxer, Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson is overheard talking about overcoming fear, harnessing self-confidence amidst challenges and various challengers while showing Conor McGregor walks into the ring where self-confidence becomes stronger.

Conor McGregor MMA fight versus Eddie Alvarez will take place on Nov. 12th in New York City, New York, and it will be for the UFC Lightweight Championship. MMA news points out that if McGregor wins against Eddie Alvarez he will become the first man to reign supreme over two UFC divisions simultaneously.

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