Conor McGregor News: Eddie Alvarez calls foe ‘rest round man’ & ‘comical’, Michael Bisping gives McGregor no chance

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Conor McGregor next fight Eddie Alvarez, Floyd Mayweather, Joe Frazier
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Now that Conor McGregor has finally avenged his loss to Nate Diaz in their welterweight showdown at UFC 202 many would have thought “The Notorious” would be highly regarded as a favorite in his next MMA fight.

In a very risky move, Conor McGregor climbed up from featherweight to face Nate Diaz, and both are now tied 1-1. He was supposed to fight Rafael dos Anjos last March, but the latter withdrew after injuring his foot.

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Rafael dos Anjos battled Eddie Alvarez a month before Conor’s rematch with Nate Diaz and lost by TKO (strikes). Going back to his natural weight division, however, the Irishman feels Eddie Alvarez still isn’t on his level and didn’t hesitate to call him a bum.

According to a report by Fan Sided, Conor McGregor said, “He’s a novice. He’s a novice on his feet, swinging shots, overhand. He just is a wrestler with an overhand, as well. They’re novices where I come from and that’s the truth of it, so we’ll see about him. We’ll see.”

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On the expected Conor McGregor next fight with Eddie Alvarez, however, UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping isn’t giving the “Notorious” much of a chance. In fact, Michael Bisping thinks Alvarez would kill him.

Conor’s coach, John Kavanagh believes his ward will beat Eddie Alvarez in two rounds, but in a report by the Daily Star Michael Bisping said, “I think looking at that last fight, he does not want to fight Eddie Alvarez at 155. I think Alvarez kills him, man. He’ll just take him down and destroy him.”

For Alvarez’ part, he just wants the fight to be formalized so both of them could finally get it on. He refers to McGregor as a “rest round” man, and calls himself as the best in the world, while the Irishman is more of a hype- a mere perception of being the best.

“In a sparring room, there’s always a guy, we call him the rest round. He’s the rest round. He’s the guy you grab when you’re super tired and you go, ‘Hey, c’mon man, let’s do a round.'” Alvarez said in an interview with SB Nation.

“It’s comical. It’s laughable that a guy like that says he would finish me.”

All that is going to change, he feels, when hype meets reality, and he is confident of beating his rival, who he says only looked good against Nate Diaz for the first 7 minutes.

When the technical aspect of the match turns into a real fight, he believes Conor McGregor will be over.

“If this fight happens, if it gets signed, I feel like I’m about to tell the whole world that there’s no Santa Claus. And everybody is gonna be disappointed,” Eddie Alvarez said. “It was a lie and I’m gonna steal the magic from everyone.”

Photo courtesy: Andrius Petrucenia/Flickr

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