Conor McGregor in serious trouble; hires additional security for protection

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UFC star Conor McGregor has reportedly hired two bodyguards after allegedly receiving death threats. The 27-year-old McGregor has beefed up his security force and is now being monitored by a team of security personnel 24/7 after receiving death threats.

The Irish fighter has recently complained that he is being stalked by unknown person, but it’s not linked to another alleged threat made by person holding an AK-47 on Twitter earlier this year.

According to Sweeney and Moran, it still not known if there is any link between the Twitter threat and the reported ones that prompted McGregor to hire security.

McGregor and his girlfriend Dee Devlin were accompanied by two bodyguards named Rocky and Drago on Friday when they attended the VIP Style Award in Dublin, Ireland.

McGregor happily posed for photos and selfies with fans on the red carpet, but later admitted that he hired additional security personnel to boost its current security force after being targeted by alleged stalkers.

“Conor and Dee arrived around 30 minutes after most of the other red-carpet arrivals and they were accompanied by an entourage,” a source told the Irish Sun, via the Yahoo!..

“… Conor was really relaxed and in great humour but the bodyguards didn’t let him out of their sight for even a minute.”

McGregor is no stranger to this kind of story, the 27-year-old undisputed featherweight champion has been the center of a recent FBI probe after he was targeted by a sickos on Twitter.

McGregor has recently made headlines when he tweeted that he was set to retire rather than compete at UFC 200. Recently, he made a huge noise in the industry when his name was linked with a potential fight against retired WBC champion Floyd MayWeather Jr.

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