Conor McGregor finds support in legendary MMA fighter amidst ongoing spat with UFC

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Conor McGregor hardly has anyone supporting him in his fight with UFC. The once blue-eyed boy of UFC is a shunned soul now.

However, amidst the entire controversy Conor McGregor has still managed to find a legendary MMA fighter supporting him.

Rory MacDonald believes that Conor McGregor is only sticking up for himself. According to MacDonald, McGregor is doing nothing wrong especially when it comes to one’s worth.

“I look up to [Conor McGregor] in that sense. There’s a lot to be learned from his stance and sticking up for himself. Getting what he’s worth…Not just accepting what’s thrown at you. Standing up for yourself. That’s the thing martial artists aren’t used to. You’ve got to really stick up for yourself and be a tough businessman when it’s time for negotiations,” MacDonald said, reports Bloody Elbow.

The former welterweight title contender believes that McGregor is doing nothing wrong by maximizing his “own value”. Rory has been keen to test the waters of free agency for a long time. Perhaps this is why he is supporting McGregor who never fails to test his value with UFC.

“I think it’s important to get it out there. It’s a known topic about fighter pay now and I think it’s beneficial to me that I get it out there too so when it comes time to negotiate I have other sources to talk with. It’s a known thing, people are buzzing about it. It’s a good thing,” he said.

However, with the ongoing happenings pushing UFC too hard to prove one’s value might not be a good thing to do. And Conor McGregor is the perfect example of it. By dropping out McGregor who is the most popular face of UFC, the organization has proved that if you push it too hard, you will be made an example to learn from.

Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Conor McGregor

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