Cris Cyborg ‘Feels Sorry’ For Ronda Rousey, Check Details

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Cris Cyborg and Ronda Rousey were once considered as fierce competitors but that changed overnight after Cyborg opted for steroid after a win over Hiroko Yamanaka and was suspended by the California State Athletic Commission.

Cyborg feels that it is during this tough time she found out who her real friends were and suspects that Ronda is going through the same emotions now.

After her loss to Holly Holm, Rousey faced several backlash from fans and celebrities alike and Cris feels “terrible” about it. Cyborg who will defend her Invicta FC featherweight title against Daria Ibragimova on Saturday night in the Invicta FC 15 main event told MMA Fighting: “It’s terrible [Responding to the fan backlash faced by Rousey]. When you’re there, every body is with you. I feel sorry about this,” Cyborg said.

“I know this, because before something happened in my career — the doping — and before everybody is with you [and then they’re not]. But I love my fans. Some fans kept with me and I’m sure she has that, too. It’s sad, but sometimes it’s good so you can see who’s with you. You can see who you really have to appreciate.”

“This is not nice,” Cyborg added. “Losing a fight, winning — it happens. But these people make fun. … I know it’s not nice. I know she hurts now and I know depression.”

In the interview Cyborg reveals that she didn’t feel bad about losing because according to her winning and losing are part of the sport. However, she feels that Rousey might be feeling bad more because of all the talking she does before her fights. After all, it’s quite embarrassing in a way if you lose a match after all your talking. “Always you can lose. You can lose, you can win. It’s not embarrassing,” Cyborg said.

“It’s embarrassing when you speak before you fight. It’s embarrassing speaking bad. I think you have to work hard on what you say, because if you lose, when you come back from the airport you have to have a pillow on your face.”

Rousey no doubt has done much for the sport and Cris believes Rousey has opened a lot of doors: “I think she’d like to use this to challenge herself and get better,” Cyborg said.

“To come in and change. Something bad in life has to happen before you change and grow. I can’t say anything bad about her. She’s been good for women’s MMA. She opened a lot of doors. I know I [fought] before her, but she had opportunities and she’s handled it and helped everybody.”

“I think she’s an athlete. I think maybe she won’t stop, she’ll keep going. You can’t care what people say. People can say what they say, but only you know. Only you and your family.”

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