Cris Cyborg: ‘Let’s go champ’ on fighting UFC champ Germaine de Randamie

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Cris Cyborg (Photo courtesy: Fotografo personal de Cris Cyborg/Wikimedia Commons)

Cris Cyborg openly challenged new UFC women’s featherweight champion Germaine de Randamie once she’s cleared to fight again. “Cyborg” wants to remind everyone that she’s still the No.1 female fighter in the world.

“Let’s go champ,” Cyborg said when was asked for a statement to send to de Randamie. “ESPN and FOX Sports both in women’s mixed martial arts. I haven’t lost in 10 years. Until someone beats me I am No. 1 in the world no matter what belt is around my waist.”

The UFC created the featherweight division with Cris Cyborg in mind. She has been campaigning for the creation of the division since she made her UFC debut at 140-pounds. Unfortunately, “Cyborg” was unable to complete against Holly Holm or Germaine de Randamie at UFC 208.

During the event, “Cyborg” watched Holm and de Randamie fight sitting in the cage side. She strongly believes that the UFC will let her fight whoever won the bout. The outcome of UFC 208 turned out controversial as de Randamie was caught hitting Holm with hard blows after the horn sounded.

If the referee gave her a deduction, the fight would end up as a draw and no champion would have been crowned. The new UFC featherweight champ released a statement, saying the late blows weren’t intentional. However, Holm isn’t buying what she said and demanded a rematch.

White wants Cris Cyborg to fight Germaine de Randamie next

Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports revealed that de Randamie is willing to give Holm a rematch. However, UFC president Dana White doesn’t believe that a second bout between the two female fighters should be their main priority. White wants de Randamie to fight Cris Cyborg next, provided that she gets an exemption for using “banned substance”.

“We’ll have to see, but why would you not want to face Cris Cyborg?” White said. “Especially if you’re Holly, you’ve already held that title. You had 18 titles in boxing. If she could go in and beat Cris Cyborg, you know?”

“Cyborg” won her last 15 bouts via knockout, making her the most deserving to be given the chance to fight for the title. If she’s cleared to fight again, the UFC is expected to immediately schedule a fight between her and de Randamie. However, as of now, the new UFC featherweight champ will be having a surgery on her hand.

“Cyborg” expressed her intention to fight the No. 1 contender while de Randamie is recovering from the injury. She suggests Invicta FC interim featherweight champion Megan Anderson be her next opponent.

Photo courtesy: Fotografo personal de Cris Cyborg/Wikimedia Commons

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