Joe Rogan doesn’t want Cris Cyborg to suffer anymore weight-cuts, begs UFC for a 145 division

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Cris Cyborg
Photo courtesy: Jermil dotdotdot/Flickr

With the recent win of Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino against Lina Lansberg in the main event of Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 95, no one could now deny the Brazilian’s MMA skills and prowess. She could easily defeat anyone in the women’s division and would be considered as one of the most dominant fighters but before she decided to fight in the famous promotion, Cris Cyborg typically fights at 145 pounds.

According to Fox Sports, the UFC is having a hard time looking for a possible opponent who are willing to fight Cyborg in general, much less go up in weight to do so.

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Longtime UFC commentator, Joe Rogan, had expressed his thoughts about how it would help Cyborg if the UFC would create a 145 division.

MMA Weekly reported that Rogan had been very vocal against difficult weight-cutting. He said in a series of tweets that Cyborg is a natural 145-pound fighter and that she doesn’t have to suffer just to fight in the catchweight division.
“@ufc please open up a 145lbs division for @criscyborg. Her torturing herself to make 140 is insane and she’s incredibly entertaining,” Rogan tweeted.

“Women’s MMA is growing in leaps and bounds and it would be amazing if there were more weight classes.” he added. “I think that if the @UFC opened up more WMMA divisions the level of talent in each division would grow like it has in new men’s divisions.

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“The level of talent in each division seems to rise to the standard of the champion. @criscyborg is a killer and would be a fierce champion,” Rogan continues.

Rogan believes that now is the time to build a new division around the Brazilian superstar.

“Obviously this is all just my opinion. @UFC is awesome and it’ll all get sorted out eventually. I just had to chirp. I hate hard weight cuts,” his last tweet said.

Cris Cyborg has also been persistent in her calls for the UFC to open up a women’s featherweight division, however, the promotion insisted that there are no plans on adding any more women’s division in the near future.

Photo courtesy: Jermil dotdotdot/Flickr

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