Dan Severn, MMA legend, lashes out at Ken Shamrock

rafael dos anjos

“The Beast” Dan Severn ‘pissed’ at Ken Shamrock for his sudden pullout at a mixed martial arts event in his last comeback bid.

MMA legend Dan Severn retired from active fighting back in 2012 but kept his door open to fighting for just three names: Mark Coleman, Royce Gracie, and Ken Shamrock.

When the opportunity came for the 57-year old Severn to take on Ken Shamrock, he immediately took on the challenge. However, the former UFC Superfight champion was let down when Shamrock pulled out.

“I’m frustrated,” Severn said. “I’m pissed about this whole deal here now because I feel like I’ve been strung along.”

“Maybe he’s got iron balls and it takes a while to register through his iron balls. As I look at it right now, are his injuries due to his balls or does he simply have no balls to step into the cage with me?”

Severn (101-19-7) said he took on an intensive training camp leading into the fight. He wound up with a walking weight of around 270 pounds, near the heavyweight cut-off of 265. He was really motivated by the challenge he will face against Shamrock, whose series is tied at 1-all.

“I’m coming out of retirement,” Severn said. “This might be the last match people ever see of Dan Severn. I am not going to embarrass myself. I’m ging to unleash a product that will make people go, ‘Holy hell, what does this 58-year-old guy eat that allows him to do what he does?'”

“That’s what pisses me off so much — it’s that I know how much that I’ve put into this,” Severn said. “Really, I’m still going back to it that I’m more pissed at Ken than anything because he’s the primary reason I came out of retirement.”

“I doubt if it will happen,” Severn said. “I think once he finds out how hard I worked out with, what my weight was down to, he won’t fight me.”

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