Dana White: UFC made Ronda Rousey ‘look bad’ during press conference

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Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey

UFC fans are finally getting what they want with the return of former women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey makes her return to the Octagon in December. Some were not very happy though with how her pre-UFC 207 press conference with current champion Amanda Nunez went, as Rowdy stormed off stage immediately after their photo opportunity.

This left a lot of fans and press hanging with many of them hoping to have a brief q&a with the now- reclusive MMA star.

But according to UFC president Dana White, there was never even a q&a in the first place and everything that happened was a production gaffe.

“My production guy screwed that thing up. It made Ronda look bad again like she just stormed off. They were not supposed to do an interview,” said White to MMAFighting. They were supposed to go out there, square off, and they were supposed to walk away.”

But (a bit of) damage had already been done, and some did not take Rousey’s abrupt exit very well, including fans, as well as her opponent.

“This is never going to happen with me. The way I sit down with your reporters now, that’s going to happen for a long time because I’m going to be the champion for a long time. When we were at the beginning of our careers, we needed you,” Nunes was quoted saying.  I don’t want to be Ronda Rousey. She doesn’t want to talk to anybody. This doesn’t make any sense. Do you want to be, like that? I want to be the best and be normal.”

Meanwhile, Dana White further explained that he was only motioning for Ronda Rousey to move forward for a photo opportunity while waiting for “somebody to give Amanda the belt.”

“We’re not perfect all the time. Our team is coming into this big event, we made a lot of mistakes coming into this event that I’m not happy about,” elaborated the UFC president. “I try to be perfect, but it didn’t work out.”

Whereas the UFC is not perfect all the time, it may seem like Ronda Rousey will need to pull off a perfect fight if she ever wants to have her hands on the belt (again). See if Rowdy takes if back on December 30.

Photo Courtesy: Darrell A./ Flickr

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