Eddie Alvarez confident he’ll ‘dominate every step of the way’ against Conor McGregor

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Conor McGregor vs Eddie Alavarez
Conor McGregor vs Eddie Alavarez

In less than two weeks, UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor will be facing lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez to try and win his second belt in the fight promotion company, and be the first fighter to hold two titles simultaneously.

But the possibly record setting feat will be no stroll in the park for the Notorious, as Alvarez seems confident to dominate the Irishman.

“To me, he’s just a left hand,” shared Alvarez on a podcast interview with MMA Roasted. “He’s just a guy with a left hand. That’s how I see him. He does something that we call a ‘rock back’ well. Mayweather does it. A lot of Philly fighters do it. (McGregor) lives and breathes off it. A lot of MMA guys don’t know about these boxing things that they do. This is a move that’s very easily taken away and we’re going to dominate every step of the way.”

And Alvarez plans on taking his supposed decimation of McGregor based on a planned and precise strategy, one step at a time.

“Without giving away a gameplan or anything, everything’s taken away with the proper preparation,” detailed Alvarez. “I’m confident in my coaches, I’m confident in our gameplan and our ability to go out there and do it. We’re just following this gameplan step-by-step.”

What exactly is team Alvarez’s game plan, though? According to the light weight champ, it’s to end the fight under nine minutes using big heavy shots and then hopefully a submission.

“I can see it ending much like the (Nate) Diaz fight where I land the heavy shot and then I finish with a submission,” claimed Eddie Alvarez during a Fox Sports interview.

Meanwhile, Conor McGregor is unfazed.

“You know, I don’t think he poses any threat,” shared the Notorious with the Lad Bible. “He’s a tough kid. He’s got some good fights under his belt. But I don’t see it going well for him. You know he will be unconscious.”

His words against Eddie Alvarez, but who will live up to what the said? Find out at UFC 205 this November 12.

Photo Courtesy: Antonio Fucito/ Flickr

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