Eddie Alvarez on Conor McGregor: McGregor Is Making ‘Own Decisions’ In UFC

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After Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo, Eddie Alvarez is the latest to reveal that Conor McGregor is controlling the UFC panel or should we say, that UFC has allowed McGregor to exercise his control.

McGregor created history by defeating Jose Aldo within 13 seconds at UFC 194 to clinch the featherweight title. He has now bagged a title shot and will compete against Rafael dos Anjos for the UFC lightweight title at UFC 197. However, what has shocked everyone is that McGregor has been allowed to keep his featherweight belt by UFC President Dana White.

“Conor is able to make his own decisions and there’s nothing nobody on this conference call is gonna be able to do about that,” Alvarez said during last week’s pre-fight conference call for UFC Boston, reports Bloody Elbow.

However, Alvarez did mention that McGregor’s influence will be beneficial not just for himself but for other fighters too.

“I think anything or anybody who brings more money to the sport is a good thing. It’s hard for me to say anything bad about it. Regardless of whether people think he deserves this or he deserves that, the truth is that when one fighter gets paid more, it’s good for all of us. Every single one of us,” Alvarez said.

“It’s not up to me or any other fighter to say what he deserves or what he doesn’t,” he added. “Our bosses make that decision. No matter how we perform out there. Happy to see money coming in.”


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