Georges St-Pierre return rumors: Former champ to face Michael Bisping in comeback

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Georges St-Pierre return
Georges St-Pierre return

According to the latest rumors surrounding the supposed Georges St-Pierre return to the Octagon, there is now the growing chance of the former welterweight champion fighting again for the UFC. This is hopefully a positive development after days of reports that the MMA fighter has been in a battle against the fight promotion company over his disputed contract.

Last week, St-Pierre had claimed that his lawyer had already terminated his existing contract with the UFC, putting a return match for Rush up in the air. But since then, the UFC has denied that the reports were true, and insisted that GSP is still under contract with them.

This led some of St-Pierre’s fellow MMA fighters to speculate that fans may still see a return for the Canadian fighter, very soon. One such fighter was former UFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione who shared that he does see GSP’s desire to fight again.

“My belief is yes. I believe he really wants to fight again. I’ve actually spoken to him about it,” shared Mitrione with ESPN. “I don’t think St-Pierre is going to wait another year to fight. If he does fight, I think it’s going to be soon. The new UFC is only interested in putting on fights that bring in heavy dough. GSP is the key to Canada. I think by GSP doing that, letting the world know he wants to fight but they’re not giving him what he wants, then he put a lot of pressure on them.”

Georges St-Pierre return will be against Michael Bisping?

And should the UFC give in to the whims of St-Pierre, who better to face him than current middleweight champion Michael Bisping?

The Count has recently been taunting Rush, calling him out to a possible match at UFC 206 in December.

“Georges talked about fighting me a while ago and I’d love to fight the guy,” the middleweight champ told Sport 360. “It’d be terrific for me business-wise and I also think I’d beat the guy. I’m here if you want to fight Georges, let’s go. Sign the papers, buddy, that’s all you’ve got to do.”

Hopefully, the UFC see what Bisping sees, and makes the fight happen. Otherwise, a Georges St-Pierre return may just become another figment of the MMA world’s imagination.

And if that happens, Canada riots.

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