Georges St-Pierre return at UFC 206 against Nick Diaz? Dana White doesn’t think so

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Georges St-Pierre return
PHOTOGRAPH: Ryan Mallard/Flickr | Georges St-Pierre

Recent rumors point to a Georges St-Pierre return to the Octagon at UFC 206 in December, after UPROXX reported that the former UFC welterweight champion has started with the US Anti-Doping Agency testing process.

Coupled with the event set to happen in Toronto, it just seems appropriate that GSP makes his comeback in the upcoming UFC event.

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All the stars are aligned,” GSP said, during an interview with MMAFighting, referring to returning at UFC 206.  “I’m not lying to you, it’s not done yet. It’s not done at this point. We still have to talk to the new owners soon, see what they’ve gotta say.”

Reports also suggest the former welterweight champion will be fighting Nick Diaz. GSP hinted at the bout slyly, saying, “it could be very possible to happen,” in reference to the possible rematch.

The two fighters last saw each other at UFC 158 in 2013, where the Canadian won by unanimous decision.

“I beat him, but there was a lot of animosities,” St-Pierre said in another MMAFighting interview. “I didn’t feel I fought well that fight. He says I poisoned him and all that kind of stuff. Whatever. He has very good excuses. Trust me when I say I didn’t fight as well as I wanted to and it would be fun to do it again.”

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At this point, it seems like that the only matter left to address is the contract of the fighter. According to St-Pierre, his agents will soon be sitting down with the people at UFC to try and ink out a contract.

“It’s something fair and we have to wait,” GSP stated. “I’m very confident and trusting in the people that work for me want to go back to fighting. I feel I’m in my prime right now. If I wait too long I’m gonna be past that prime and I don’t want that. That’s why I want to go back.”

A Georges St-Pierre return may well be one of the most anticipated events in the UFC, at present, and based on reports, it may seem that the GSP comeback is well under way.

Photo Courtesy: scienceduck/ Flickr

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