Holly Holm files a complaint to NYSAC after controversial UFC 208 loss; Rematch with Germaine de Randamie a big possibility

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Holly Holm continues to campaign for a rematch after a controversial loss to Germaine de Randamie in the UFC’s inaugural women’s featherweight title fight at UFC 208. Holm officially filed a complaint against referee Todd Anderson and appealed against the result, according to reports.

At UFC 208, Germaine de Randamie made history by becoming the first UFC women’s featherweight champion. She successfully defeated former UFC champ Holly Holm via unanimous decision. Unfortunately, the outcome of the bout continues to be the center of controversy. Some people believe that Holm is more deserving to win the title.

In the second and third round of the bout, de Randamie was caught hitting Holm even after the horn sounded. Referee Todd Anderson only gave de Randamie a warning instead of giving her a point deduction for the illegal blows. If she was penalized, their UFC 208 bout would result in a draw and no champion would have been crowned.

Holly Holm requested NYSAC to referee UFC 208 bout with Germaine de Randamie

The UFC women’s featherweight champion already apologized to Holly Holm and said that the late blows weren’t intentional. However, Holm isn’t buying her excuses and believes that she deserves a rematch. Recently, Holm’s camp filed a complaint against Anderson with the hope of changing the outcome of the bout.

“We respectfully request the commission review referee Anderson’s failure to assess a foul and render a decision regarding a point deduction following Round 2, and failure to assess a foul and a point deduction following Round 3, and determine an appropriate result,” the complaint stated.

According to veteran referee Rob Hinds, Anderson should have given de Randamie warning following her illegal blows in the second round. Hinds explained that referees should be more alert in the last 10 seconds of every round.

“When the bell sounds, whenever that happens that’s just our indication to stop the round,” said Hinds, who is an Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports (ABC) certified trainer of referees and judges. “That’s not the signal for the exact end of the round. We need to make sure we’re in position and everything is in place to stop the action as close to that horn as possible.”

Per MMA Fighting, the New York State Athletic Commission has not yet received an appeal from Holm’s camp. In an Instagram post, Germaine de Randamie already expressed her intention to give Holm a rematch. Holm’s agent Lenny Fresquez hopes de Randamie will be true to her words and fight Holm for her first title defense.

Photo courtesy: Jeff Cleary/

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