Holly Holm says she needs to believe in herself more after loss to Valentina Shevchenko

Valentina Shevchenko excited to face Holly Holm when UFC returns to Chicago
Valentina Shevchenko stated that she is excited to face Holly Holm inside the Octagon this Saturday at UFC on Fox 20 that will be held at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Holly Holm losing to Valentina Shevchenko over the weekend may put her in the cellar but she stated that she needs to believe in herself more to be able to bounce back again.

Holm lost to Shevchenko in overwhelming fashion via unanimous decision in UFC at Fox 20 held at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. In the post-fight press conference through MMA Junkie Holm stated that Shevchenko was tough and that the loss does not end things for her UFC career.

She added that she just needs to learn from the mistakes she made during her fight, move on, and believe in herself.

“I believe in myself,” Holm said. “But I think that I need to believe in what I’ve learned, even recently, and not be so hesitant with what’s coming at me. I think in my last fight (against Tate), I was hesitant and thinking, ‘I’m fighting a wrestler, I need to watch out for the takedowns.’ Well, guess what? I’ve learned a lot, and I know a lot in these areas, as well…”

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Prior to her fight against Shevchenko, Holm was eager to call out Miesha Tate, who defeated her at UFC 196, for a rematch. And with the turn of events, that rematch might get a very slim chance of happening. Holm has to get back to the drawing board again and figure out how to improve her skills on the ground as she was taken by Shevchenko by surprise in their match.

Holm admitted that the women’s division in the UFC is a tough competition to be in. She explained that one can not let the feeling of holding the title be an assurance to easily remain on top. She noted that there are talented fighters in their weight class and there will always be someone stronger coming up to challenge everyone.

“I know there’re competitive girls in this sport and there’s always somebody coming in. The top five aren’t the same top five that they were (before). I feel like especially this being the first women’s division in the UFC, everybody looks at that and says, ‘I want to be there,’ and so they work hard,” Holm added.

“And it’s created a lot of competition in our weight class – which is good. I want to feel like I’m up against the best. I know these girls are tough. That’s what makes a win great, a loss devastating, but …”

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For Holm, the loss was hard to absorb that she stress that life must go on and one has to accept the realities of life. She added that she needs to get better and better to be able to come back strong and prove her critics wrong. Holm vows to come back and to come back strong as ever.

The loss to Shevchenko is Holm’s second consecutive upset defeat that puts her MMA career at 10 wins and two losses.

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