Joe Rogan belittles Conor McGregor ‘retirement’ tweet

Joe Rogan is not buying Conor McGregor’s shenanigans about retiring early.

Joe Rogan is not buying the “retirement” tweet by Conor McGregor saying that the Irishman is too young and too dumb to walk away from the sport at this time.

Rogan stated in his latest podcast that he is not buying any of McGregor’s shenanigans and pointed out the 27-year old Dublin native could just have stated based on what happened to Joao CarvalhoTMZ reported that McGregor was at ring side to watch his friend Charlie Ward fight Carvalho.

Carvalho suffered a third round technical knockout and was then rushed to the hospital after suffering head injuries. Carvalho died the following day due to the injuries sustained during the fight and Rogan thinks this is one factor to the cryptic message McGregor sent out.

“He’s trolling. He decides to retire young…like…34. Listen, man unless he got f**king head kicked today and knocked into oblivion. The idea of him walking away after that lost to Nate Diaz fight, he’s got plenty of cash, and he’s a hero in Ireland. McGregor came this close to retiring from MMA right before he got his first deal with the UFC — because some of his close friends were having health issues,” Rogan explained.

UFC President Dana White has explained to ESPN’s Sports Center the reason McGregor was pulled out of UFC 200 and that it was for his refusal to come to Las Vegas and help promote the fight, which is stipulated in every fighter’s contract with the UFC. White, however, issued a statement that he is uncertain of McGrgeor’s future though they keep up a “close relationship.”

White even stressed that with the decision to ax McGregor from UFC 200 he hopes that this will dismiss rumors circulating that he is coddling the feisty Irishman from other fighters. He added that he will do the same to every fighter who would not honor any press conference for their fights since the UFC has paid for all the promotions and stuff.

On the other hand, Nate Diaz also posted on his Twitter account a respond to McGregor’s post.

“I guess my work here is done I’m retiring too,” Diaz said, clearly stating that he has beaten McGregor twice in a row, having the first at UFC 196.

White has stated that they are talking with Diaz’s camp to come up with a notable replacement for the main event at UFC 200 slated on July 9 at the Las Vegas Arena.

With all that is going on now, Rogan thinks and believe that McGregor is not keen on stepping away from the Octagon. He believes that the announcement is not legit and that McGregor will never retire like that.

Photo Courtesy: Joe Rogan @joerogan/Twitter

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