Joe Rogan wants to stop interviewing KOed fighters, says ‘I don’t think it’s wise nor fair’

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Stop interviewing KOed fighters
Photo courtesy: Jermil dotdotdot/Flickr

Fight analyst Joe Rogan wants to stop interviewing KOed fighters. After the UFC 203 main event that resulted to a Stipe Miocic win over title challenger Alistair Overeem, Rogan had the opportunity to talk to Overeem in a post-fight interview. It was a slightly bizarre moment not only for Overeem but also for everyone as the fighter started claiming that he should have won the fight because he thought that Miocic tapped out when he had him in a guillotine position. There was clearly no tap.

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“Stipe was the better man today. He’s a great athlete, he’s tough, he always comes to fight,” Overeem told Rogan. “There’s one thing I can say about the fight. I believe when I punched him, he went down. I followed him, I got him in a guillotine choke and I clearly felt a tap. The ref didn’t see it, the ref didn’t jump in, so the fight continued. In my opinion, he tapped and it’s a bummer. Going to have to go back to the drawing board. I feel like I am the better fighter, but not today.”


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According to Fox Sports, in the interview, Rogan asked the production to queue up the replay of the guillotine that Overeem mentioned. After two different angles, there was clearly no tap and Overeem just stood beside Rogan with a bewildered look on his face.

In a report posted by MMA Junkie, Rogan told play-by-play voice Mike Goldberg after the fight that he’s in favor and wants to stop interviewing KOed fighters mere moments after they’ve been knocked out unconscious, simply because ‘all the faculties aren’t always there’.

“I asked the UFC brass if we could please refrain from interviewing fighters after they’ve been KO’ed. I don’t think it’s wise nor fair,” Rogan later on said on Twitter.

Photo courtesy: Jermil dotdotdot/Flickr

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