Jon Jones denies swearing at cops, busted for drag racing

Jon Jones explains his side after he was cited for drag racing early Friday morning.

Jon Jones is out to clear his name after being pulled over by a police officer early Friday morning for allegedly drag racing and he wants one thing straight, the truth.

The 28-year old Jones went live on MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani and wanted his fans to hear his side first before reading and hearing how the media angles his story. Jones narrated that the night of the incident he had dinner with his teammates and was on the way home when he stop at a red light next to a vehicle filled with fans.

He did not wanted to talk so he revved the engine of his car and when the light turned green proceeded to going home but was then pulled over by a police officer from the Albuquerque Police Department.

“This is probably gonna hit the media really soon. I guess I’ll talk about it right now before it comes out anywhere else. You can hear it first from me. I was pulled over like 10 yards away from the traffic light and I was pulled over in the 35 mph zone. The officer pulled me over and tells me that I was drag racing and obviously I was really upset. I definitely wasn’t drag racing. I got emotional and said some things that I probably shouldn’t have said to a police officer,” Jones said.

He added that the incident was the last thing he wanted as he was given a conditional discharge by a judge in Albuquerque for a felony hit and run incident in April 2015. In the said incident Jones ran into a red light and struck a 20-year old pregnant woman, who broke her arm due to the accident.

In those charges, Jones pleaded guilty and the judge told him that if he completed an 18 month of probation together with 72 hours of community service, his records will come out clean and he would avoid jail sentence.

Jones explained with Fox Sports that he totally freaked out with the incident, knowing that he has a deferred sentence and that the incident was the last thing he needed.

“I was obviously very upset. I asked him how was it possible to be drag racing in a 35 MPH zone? He said ‘I never said you were speeding but I’m going to ticket you for drag racing’. Knowing that I just got a deferred sentence, knowing this was the last thing I needed to be associated with a drag race, knowing that I wasn’t drag racing, I freaked out. I totally freaked out,” Jones stressed.

Jones also stated that he already told his probation officer of the drag racing ticket incident and his lawyers are looking into the matter and hopes that things will be straighten up.

TMZ transcribed the body cam video showing how Jones got into a heated argument with the police officer that pulled him over. Jones stated that the he feels the officer used some technicality on him to pin him down with a charge and that he wanted to apologized for the things he said, but felt that the officer’s ways with him was a bit “excessive.”

The UFC has released a statement and said that they are looking into the incident and that they are working closely with Jones camp regarding the matter. They added that they will release a statement once they have cleared all things with Jones and his camp.

Jones is preparing for a UFC comeback and is scheduled to face Daniel Cormier on April 23 at UFC 197. Jones is coming off a suspension handed down by UFC in connection with his felony charges but was reinstated in October.

Photo Courtesy: Akira Kouchiyama/Flickr

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