Jon Jones, ‘a model inmate,’ told to file Citizen Police Complaint on cop who pulled him over

Jon Jones agrees to a plea agreement before Judge Michael Martinez.

Jon Jones spent a quiet night at the Metropolitan Detention Center and jail officers stated that they did not have any troubles with the UFC star, they even tagged him as a “model inmate.”

TMZ reported that Jones turned himself in Tuesday to officers from the Probation and Parole to show that he is willing to cooperate and would want to show his innocence from the recent run-in with authorities.

Jones was issued five tickets by an officer of the Albuquerque Police Department for allegedly drag racing last week, which was a violation of his probation, to which Jones vehemently denied.

The incident heated as Jones was caught on camera swearing at the officer as he was issued with the citation. In the middle of the argument with the officer, Jones called the law enforcer a ”pig” and a “liar.” He also called the incident a “harassment” as he was observing the 35 mph speed limit.

While in jail, Jones was placed in a separate holding cell because of his celebrity status and was also for “his own protection.” It was reported that a source from inside the jail stated that as soon as Jones walked in, people instantly recognized him as he was their guest speaker while the former light heavyweight was doing community service.

Jones will get his chance to explain and possibly wipe out this one off his records when he faces the judge on April 5. Jones denied all the allegations that were cited of him. However, the Albuquerque Police Department told TMZ that if Jones wants to get back at the law enforcer who issued him citations, he could file a Citizen Police Complaint so that they could review if any procedures were violated at the time that he was pulled over.

The Albuquerque Police Department identified the officer as one Officer Brown and that according to their Public Information Officer Tanner Tixier, Officer Brown acted upon the boundaries of their protocols and is no way under any type of review regarding the matter.

“Officer Brown is not under any type of review. [His] interaction with Mr. Jones didn’t violate any standard operating procedures so further inquiry isn’t warranted. However, if Mr. Jones feels he was treated inappropriately, he may file a Citizen Police Complaint against Officer Brown, which would result in an investigation into the traffic stop,” Tixier said.

Jones expects to redeem himself and get out of jail so he can resume his training for UFC 197 wherein he will face Daniel Cormier on April 23.

Photo Courtesy: Shea Huening/Flickr

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