Jose Aldo predicts Dos Anjos’ win

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Jose Aldo lost to Conor McGregor at UFC 194 within 13 seconds. And now the former UFC featherweight champion predicts McGregor’s loss and Rafael dos Anjos’ win at UFC 196.

McGregor hopes to become the first UFC fighter in UFC history to hold two titles simultaneously fighting lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos on March 5.

Aldo however, desperately wants a rematch with McGregor. Aldo also predicts a tough future for ‘The Notorious’.

Speaking to the media in Rio de Janiero, MMA Fighting reports Aldo saying that the Brazilian Rafael dos Anjos will win at UFC 196 and not McGregor. He even went on to say that fans won’t even remember McGregor by the end of 2016.

“I think it’s tough,” Aldo said when asked if he thinks McGregor can beat Dos Anjos.

“And I’ll say this: I don’t think he will have any belt by the end of the year. And everyone will forget him. He has this dream, this goal, but you can be sure that he won’t have any (belt) by the end of the year.”

“A fight is a fight and you have to respect the other side but I see Rafael with the (lightweight) belt and the (featherweight) belt back to me. That’s a fact,” Dos Anjos added.

Stating that he is a patriotic Brazilian, Aldo said that he will always support his fellow countryman no matter what.

“I expect a win from dos Anjos. I’m a patriot Brazilian and I will always root for a Brazilian no matter what. I will root for him. I wish him all the luck, I hope he wins.”

Aldo is not the first one to predict Conor’s loss. UFC President, Dana White too thinks that Dos Anjos will beat McGregor.

“I don’t see how he [Conor] wins this fight,” White said in an interview with FOX Sports.

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