Machida admits taking banned substances, rematch with Henderson cancelled

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The UFC has been forced to cancel a rematch between Lyoto Machida (22-7) and Dan Henderson (31-14) scheduled for Saturday’s UFC on FOX 19, after Machida admitted to taking a banned substance during a drug test last week. The UFC officials announced the cancellation on Wednesday.

According to a statement by the UFC officials, Machida admitted to taking a banned substance when representatives of the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) conducted the drug test last week.

“The UFC organization was made aware today by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), the independent administrator of the UFC Anti-Doping Policy, that Lyoto Machida declared the usage of a banned substance during an out-of-competition sample collection last week.”

“Machida stated that he was unaware that the substance was prohibited both in and out of competition and, in accordance with the UFC Anti-Doping Policy, his disclosure of usage will be taken into consideration by USADA during any potential results management and adjudication process,” the UFC statement read, via the Fox Sport.

The UFC officials made the big announcement on Wednesday that the former light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida has tested positive for a banned substance, per the UFC Anti-Doping Policy.

The UFC released a statement via its official website and confirmed the United States Anti-Doping Agency had brought to its attention that Machida “declared the usage of a banned substance during an out-of-competition sample collection last week,” Bleacher Report reported.

The former UFC light heavyweight champion has never failed a drug test. Reports said that Machida has provided four tests in 2016. The UFC anti-doping program went into effect last July.

As a result, Machida has been removed from the UFC on Fox 19 card on Saturday, where he was scheduled to take a rematch with Dan Henderson. UFC official said that Henderson will be rebooked on a new UFC card in the near future.

Performance-enhancing drugs have become a hot topic of discussion in the MMA industry recently, and Machida’s news serves as the latest smudge on the UFC’s record when it comes to regulating banned substances.

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