Miesha Tate comments on Ronda Rousey: ‘Her motivation to stick around UFC was to have Travis Browne’s baby’

Miesha Tate is not backing down even after winning the UFC women’s bantamweight title as she expresses her thoughts on Ronda Rousey and commented that the former champion is very much concerned on having a baby with Travis Browne.

In an interview at TMZ Sports, Cupcake related that she is very interested in having a rematch with Rowdy. She even stated that she was supposed to fight Rousey first before Holly Holm stepped in.

“I am interested in it for sure…I was supposed to fight her (Rousey) when Holly fought her and beat her. I was prepared and ready for that for a long time. But I also know Ronda is not really slated to comeback not until November so that is a long time to just sit and be idle. Now that I am the champion I fell that I have unlimited energy,” Tate said.

She added that she does not know what Rousey is thinking at the moment and then made the sling shot at the former champion.

“I don’t even know what she is thinking right now. It seems her motivation to stick around is to have Travis Browne’s baby…So, I don’t know,” Tate added.

But for 29-year old fighter who is also known as Takedown, Rousey’s motivation is disturbing. She noted that when she lost to Rousey at UFC 168, she went back to training, fight someone else and get back to the top.

“That does not sound like a motivated comeback. Unlike me when I lose my motivation is to get back onto the horse, fight someone else and fight my back again to the top,” Tate explained.

After winning the women’s bantamweight title, UFC president Dana White announced that Tate’s first title defense will be against Ronda Rousey but the date and venue are still to be determined.

On the other hand, Tate expressed her respects to former champion Holly Holm. Posting on her Instagram account, Tate stated that she has the utmost respect for the Preacher’s Daughter and even called her “a true champion.”

“I really want to express my gratitude to Holly Holm from the bottom of my heart you have my utmost respect. You are a strong beautiful talented woman and I know you will come back stronger. Thank you so much for stepping into the cage with me on Saturday. You will always be a champion in my eyes,” Tate expressed.

Photo Courtesy: J_Dacanay/Flickr

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