MMA News: Amanda Nunes to box ears of media baby on Ronda Rousey return, possible replay of Holly Holm loss

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Ronda Rousey, Julianna Pena, Gina Carano
Ronda Rousey, Julianna Pena, Gina Carano

When Ronda Rousey faces Amanda Nunes on December 30th it shall have been a year since her loss to Holly Holm. MMA news ponders on what she may have learned from that TKO loss and, more importantly, what she’s doing to ensure it may not happen again.

It’s not about how long she’s been away, but more on what she’s been doing to become a better fighter, being more prepared. What are to be expected of a Ronda Rousey return?

Amanda Nunes, the current UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion believe Ronda Rousey had shown her true character in defeat, that she’s weak.

“I’m not there, I can’t talk about what I don’t see, but if we observe the way she reacted after her loss, she surely has a weak mind. She’s a weak person, she showed it after her loss. But I don’t care, I’ll still act like I’m facing the best Ronda ever.” Amanda Nunes said in a report by Bloody Elbow.

“I don’t think about that. MMA is always a surprise. You can blink and the fight is over. I’ll fight her as if she fought yesterday.”

On a Ronda Rousey return, many believe she still has what it takes to beat Amanda Nunes, utilizing her Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and grappling skills. But MMA news abounds that Amanda Nunes could take a page from Holly Holm, being a good striker herself. She even indicated she’d do it better than when Holly Holm knocked her out.

Needless to say, she intends to box her ears when they fight.

“Her other opponents would engage with her, but Holly worked on controlling the distance and she made Ronda work more than ever with her strategy, and then when she did that, we started to see the real Ronda Rousey.” Amanda Nunes said according to Yahoo! Sports.

“She didn’t know what to do when she lost the rhythm. She didn’t know how to adjust because she was never more than a couple of minutes in a fight. She didn’t know.”

So, how’s Ronda Rousey ‘s boxing skills now? Will a Ronda Rousey return be a replay of the Holly Holm fight?

Amanda Nunes openly admitted that she’s wanted to fight Ronda Rousey for the attention it gives to the sport and the fight itself, but unlike Ronda, she’s not a “media girl.”

It’s going to be a huge fight, but imagine how devastating it could be if “Rowdy” loses back-to-back. Let’s just hope she’s done her homework during her hiatus from MMA.

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