MMA News: Conor McGregor zero chance at boxing, Floyd Mayweather next fight just hype, says Eddie Hearn

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Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather, Dana White
MMA news on Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather, Dana White

Some things are easier said than done, and those who foolishly insist on certain notions as a reality are bound to learn things the hard way. Such will be the case if Conor McGregor believes what he tells himself and fans of MMA and boxing.

MMA news has flooded the Internet, that Conor McGregor is willing to challenge for a Floyd Mayweather next fight under boxing rules.

Both have been going at each other for months now with Conor McGregor vowing to give Money Mayweather a beating once it happens. And it’s not about IF it’ll happen, but only when Floyd Mayweather comes up with serious cash for it.

Conor McGregor is not one to back down from challenges, and he’s proved that against Nate Diaz, moving up in weight, and going for an immediate rematch after his first loss.

Conor McGregor is now in deep preparations for UFC 205 against Eddie Alvarez.

Will he be able to back up his tough talk in the boxing ring? Some fans may think so, MMA news point out, but not boxing promoter Eddie Hearn.

Eddie Hearn believes it’s all hype. It’s never going to happen between the Irish UFC champion and Floyd Mayweather.

“Conor McGregor would have no chance of making it as a boxer at this point… he would be little more than an amateur, even if he shows some decent boxing skills in UFC.” Eddie Hearn said in a report from Boxing Scene.

“There were all these rumors about a possible fight with Floyd Mayweather, but that was just hype. It was never going to happen. Those two guys are great at promoting themselves, they are both very clever. While we all knew it was a fantasy for Conor McGregor to take on Floyd Mayweather in a boxing ring, everyone talked about the prospect for a few months, which is what it was all about. A publicity stunt.”

While Hearn doesn’t give McGregor a chance when it comes to the sweet science, he says he is an admirer of how he performs for the UFC, within his specialization. He even describes him as a promoter’s dream for the way he is able to hype up his fights.

He remains an MMA performer, not a boxer. You cannot just switch and expect to be competitive in an instant, or expect to look good as an opponent for boxing legend’s Floyd Mayweather next fight.

“He would be an amateur if he went into boxing and would have no chance of challenging for major titles, even at a domestic level for a long time. MMA and boxing are totally different sports, but the fact that we are even talking about Conor McGregor is moving into boxing confirms this is a story people are interested in.” Eddie Hearn added for MMA news.

Do you feel a Floyd Mayweather next fight with Conor McGregor is doable?

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