MMA News: Jose Aldo confident he could easily beat ‘coward’ Conor McGregor in their rematch

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Conor McGregor will be stripped of his featherweight title
Conor McGregor will be stripped of his featherweight title

Conor McGregor succeeded to become the first UFC fighter to hold two belts simultaneously. However, his reign didn’t last long after relinquishing his featherweight belt, giving Jose Aldo the chance to become the champion once again.

Since he lost the belt at UFC 194, Jose Aldo eyes to take his revenge against Conor McGregor. Aldo succeeded to acquire the interim featherweight title after beating Frankie Edgar at UFC 200. However, McGregor showed no interest to fight him again.

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At UFC 205, McGregor grabbed his second belt after beating Eddie Alvarez. “The Notorious” made history as the first UFC fighter to hold two belts in different weight divisions. However, recently, the UFC decided to strip his featherweight belt and give it to Aldo.

When McGregor agreed to fight Alvarez, Jose Aldo expressed his disappointment with the UFC’s decision. Dana White assured him of a rematch when he got the interim belt. However, that didn’t happen after McGregor was scheduled to face another fighter.

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Now that he regains the featherweight belt, Jose Aldo believes that he will win if he faces McGregor once again.

“I knew this would happen,” Aldo said. “To me, I have always been the champion. I lost that fight because of a (fluke). I know I could win in a rematch. It’s not my fault that (McGregor) is a coward, that he was never a champion. I don’t see myself losing to anyone in this weight class or any other.”

Aldo will face the winner of the UFC 206 bout between Anthony Pettis and Max Holloway for the interim belt. As of now, it remains questionable if a rematch between him and Conor McGregor could happen in the future. McGregor’s next fight in the Octagon is yet to be announced, but he recently got his boxing license in California.

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