MMA News: Rafael dos Anjos reveals why he moves up to welterweight division; ‘A new division, a new life’

PHOTOGRAPH: rdosanjosmma/Instagram | Former UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos

Former UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos revealed why he decided to leave the lightweight division and fight at welterweight. Dos Anjos said that he took his losses to Eddie Alvarez and Tony Ferguson as a sign to move to a higher weight class.

At UFC Fight Night 90, Rafael dos Anjos faced Eddie Alvarez for his second title defense. He headed into the bout as the top favorite to win. Unfortunately, the predictions went wrong after Alvarez defeated him via TKO and became the new lightweight champion.

Rafael dos Anjos passed out before facing Eddie Alvarez

It was revealed that the former UFC lightweight champ passed out for three minutes before he went out to fight Alvarez. In an interview, dos Anjos detailed what happened and revealed that his coaches were about to call for help. Fortunately, he regained his consciousness and decided to proceed with the match.

“I passed out in the bathtub, in the hot tub. I was out for like almost three minutes,” dos Anjos said on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour. “My coaches were about to call 911 and cancel the fight because I was out on my bed, and they put some ice on my chest, and then I woke up and stayed on my bed for one hour.”

Rafael dos Anjos still decided to fight Eddie Alvarez despite condition

Most of the time, when fighters are caught in a similar situation, they are deciding to cancel the match to ensure their safety. Recalling before UFC 209, Khabib Nurmagomedov was hospitalized due to the ill effects of his weight cut. This led to the cancellation of the bout, leaving MMA fans disappointed.

Rafael dos Anjos admitted that they also considered canceling his fight against Alvarez. However, for the sake of the fans, he chose to fight inside the Octagon despite his condition.

“We thought about canceling the fight but I’m a fighter, I don’t wanna upset the fans,” dos Anjos said. “But thinking back right now, I shouldn’t make that fight because today guys all the time kind of don’t fight because they have weight problems. Khabib (Nurmagomedov), the other day, he didn’t make the fight with (Tony) Ferguson because he had some issues, but it’s fine. That’s past. Now a new division, a new life.”

At The Ultimate Fighter Latin America 3 Finale, dos Anjos tried to bounce back by fighting Tony Ferguson. Unfortunately, Ferguson won via unanimous decision. After suffering his second straight defeat, dos Anjos took it as a sign to move to a heavier weight class.

Photo courtesy: @rdosanjosmma/Instagram

Video courtesy: Youtube/MMAFeed

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