MMA News: Ronda Rousey return & betrayal, may retire after Amanda Nunes MMA fight; striking upgrade after Holly Holm

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Ronda Rousey, Julianna Pena, Gina Carano
Ronda Rousey, Julianna Pena, Gina Carano

Ronda Rousey has been in the fight career for years, where, at the peak of her career, she’s defended her UFC bantamweight title six times, and given her fans the best fight entertainment thus far in women’s MMA.

MMA news still points to Ronda Rousey as the most dominant active athlete today, and she’s by far still the UFC’s most popular fighter. However, her toughest opponent after her loss to Holly Holm isn’t against another fighter, but the media.

“Her biggest issues, in my opinion, were with the media. She just felt like the media completely turned on her when she lost. Not abandoned, but felt attacked,” White said in a report by Fox News. “She felt like these people in the media that she gave three years of her life cruising around, giving interviews to, completely turned on her when she lost.

A Ronda Rousey return was supposedly set on July for a rematch with Holly Holm at UFC 200. But the latter lost, and “Rowdy” decided to take a rest, which she undoubtedly deserved.

But a delay in that Ronda Rousey return had been turned into a circus somewhat by the media, spreading all kinds of stories surrounding aspects of her life.

“Listen, I’ve been doing this for 16 years and I’ve had my moments with the media. The media can irritate you and if you go through something traumatic like she did with losing and everything else and you have to listen to some of the things that are being written and said, I get it.” Ronda Rousey said.

MMA news circulates that many don’t believe she deserves a title shot, as she fights Amanda Nunes MMA in UFC 207. A Ronda Rousey return is set on Dec. 30th, 2016. Dana White disagrees.

“When do we not put the best against the best? That’s what we do,” White said according to Fox Sports. “Ronda lost one fight but Ronda is still one of the best fighters on Earth. So she will fight one of the other best fighters on Earth.”

Could a Ronda Rousey return be short-lived against Amada Nunes MMA current bantamweight champion?

Ronda Rousey was badly beaten by Holly Holm with her boxing skills. She may still be the UFC’s best fighter, MMA news says, but she badly needs an upgrade on her striking to keep it from happening again. It’s a skill Amanda Nunes MMA could take advantage of when they fight, being a rugged striker.

Could Amanda Nunes MMA strategy do a bit of Holly Holm against her? If she wins in a Ronda Rousey return fight, would “Rowdy” still be interested in fighting on after losing back-to-back, when she could easily opt to focus on her career in the entertainment business? Retirement possible?

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