MMA Rumors: No Ronda Rousey next fight in UFC 207, ‘hides behind Dana White and her mother’, cowers vs Cris Cyborg

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Since Ronda Rousey lost to Holly Holm last year in UFC 193, she seemed devastated beyond the pain and bruises she suffered during the fight itself. Analysts say it hurt her ego more than her body or her record. Will she ever return to the fight sport again?

There have been MMA rumors that a Ronda Rousey next fight is being prepped for UFC 207 in December 30. After a year of absence, and several MMA rumors of a comeback, will she finally have the spunk to take a challenge?

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“Rowdy’s” silence is deafening. Does the dark and eerie silence mean, yes, she’s finally going to step up, and beat everyone up, as she once did?

Her long-time rival Cris Cyborg says her silence is a sign of her cowardice. “She doesn’t say anything.” Cyborg said in a report by Bloody Elbow.

“She doesn’t even say my name. She used Dana White and her mother to talk to me, because she knows if she says my name, she’ll have to fight me. She knows this.”

The Ronda Rousey vs Cris Cyborg rivalry had been upon us for years, as both of them fought in parallel careers. The major barrier between the two women has been their weight issue.

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But without a belt to defend, “Rowdy” could now step and fight at 140lbs against Cris Cyborg, as suggested by Lowkick MMA. But Cris Cyborg believes she’s ducking her, and calls her a coward.

Cris Cyborg appears ready to take the Ronda Rousey next fight anytime this year, referencing to UFC 207, or next year. If that ever happens she gave us a chilling reference to how it may transpire just based on her past fights.

“My last fight, I broke the nose of the girl in three places. Sure, if I fight her she’ll have to do surgery on her face after. I’m not kidding.” Cris Cyborg said.

Meanwhile, Ronda Rousey has been too shy to make a statement, or say anything at all. She isn’t even up to a verbal war like she used to, much less a commitment to fight. In fact, would anyone still be surprised if she quit her MMA career entirely?

The latest Ronda Rousey MMA rumor we have is that she’s found a new hobby in knitting with actor Kat Dennings.

“We’ve knitted a scarf.” Kat Jennings said in a report by SB Nation. Both have started a knitting club called The Yarn and the Restless, but later on admitted that the club was more of an excuse to drink wine, and “make friend memories.”

Perhaps a discussion of a Ronda Rousey next fight, or a rivalry with Cris Cyborg will likely remain in the past, in a soon distant memory.

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