Ovince Saint Preux on Jon Jones: ‘He has a lot of trouble with people his size’

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Ovince Saint Preux
Ovince Saint Preux

Ovince Saint Preux just like any teenager had dreams of being a footballer, but destiny seemed to have a different career for him.

“A lot of guys come into college and their mindset is, ‘I want to play football in the NFL,’ and my mindset was along that, too,” he said, reports FOX Sports.

“It didn’t happen the way I wanted it to. But, I’m always a firm believer in the idea that things happen for a reason.”

And yes, things do happen for a reason, because Ovince Saint Preux, popularly known as OSP is fighting Jon Jones at UFC 197 this Saturday in Las Vegas.

OSP, in fact, has been preparing for this fight with Jon Jones for years.

“Pretty much everything Eric [his coach]has been preparing me for, is this fight. Four years ago he was like, ‘I need you to fight him. I want you to fight him,’” he said.

But can the light heavyweight contender defeat Jon Jones, who is the best fighter in his division?

The 33-year-old believes that with the right game plan and using his abilities and size, he can definitely pose a threat to Jones.

“A lot of times when people fight Jon, they fight him the way Jon wants them to fight. He keeps people at range and he picks people apart,” he said.

“When you actually stay on his face, it’s something different. … He has a lot of trouble with people his size.”

Meanwhile, Jones is handling the pressure of his upcoming fight with Ovince Saint Preux quite well. He, in fact, is “calm, cool and calculated”.

He also has some words for OSP who he believes might not be as calm as him and might chicken out during the fight.

“I’ve been fighting for world titles since I was 23. This is his first title opportunity and people react differently,” he said. “I’ve seen some guys go out there and they freeze like a deer in headlights. And other guys, they go out there and they perform better than they ever have in the past.”

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