Re-examining Ronda Rousey ‘s character after loss to Amanda Nunes

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Ronda Rousey, Julianna Pena, Gina Carano
Ronda Rousey, Julianna Pena, Gina Carano

Many questioned Ronda Rousey ‘s decision to vie for the UFC women’s bantamweight title right after her loss to Holly Holm. Perhaps it would have been best, or, at least practical for the former champion to take warm up fights first to get her rhythm back before she faced Amanda Nunes.

She needed an opponent or two to shrug off the rust from her absence, and at least find her timing.

Even before she made the decision to battle Amanda Nunes, there were prior questions even about how she took her loss to Holm. They say she was too weak, dropping in silence instead of standing back up.

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Now that Ronda Rousey has suffered the once unimaginable of losing twice in a row the doubts keep coming from all sides: media, fans, haters, and whatnots.

Ronda Rousey embarrassed

Stories circulated about Ronda Rousey keeping out of the limelight prior to UFC 207. Rowdy was said to be rebellious against the media for turning against her since her first loss. Some say she lost herself in being too accommodating to everyone, to please those around her.

But Rowdy’s coach Din Thomas speculates on another angle.

“I think with that whole press thing, she was embarrassed. I think, more than anything else, she was embarrassed because she had done all that press before and everybody was so high on her,” Thomas said in a report by Yahoo! Sports.

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“When she got knocked out by Holly Holm after everybody thought she was so great — she was talking about how she could beat up guys; she could beat up Floyd Mayweather. And then she got knocked out. She was embarrassed.”

“I think the reason why she didn’t want to do press is because she didn’t want to have to eat it. She didn’t want to have to face the public and go, ‘hey, I’m really confident, I’m going to win this fight,’ and then get knocked out again. She did not want that. That’s embarrassing.”

Respect for Ronda

No one can truly say what she went through in victory and defeat. With all due respect, Ronda Rousey did find her way to fight back despite her loss.

If there’s one thing we can learn from her, it’s that “we cannot let our jobs define who we are” as reported by Forbes. Unfortunately Ronda has fallen to that trap, but her career is not over yet. She just needs to truly find herself and get back up.

“Although I was disappointed in the outcome of the fight, I will always be on Team Rousey,” Boxer, sparring partner Mikaela Mayer said in a report by ESPN.

“She broke down walls to get to where she is, and that demands nothing but the ultimate respect and admiration. She has created opportunity for women all over the world to be able to have a career in this sport — and not just a “good enough” career, but the opportunity to have a real, lucrative, acknowledged and respected career.

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